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A co-crafting open space

in the heart of Geneva

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KOW CRAFT FACTORY  is a co-crafting and knowledge sharing open space in the heart of Geneva promoting crafting and manual fabrications to adults and children.

Using hands as tools, Human-centered Design, contact with different materials, tools and machinery are in focus while making a link with digitalisation.

In short, the dots are connected.

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What are we doing

A diverse pallet of activities are offered including woodworking, ceramics, candle making, IT and 3-D-Design, creative tech and art.

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  • We welcome individuals seeking to learn new skills in our discovery sessions

  • We collaborate with schools and offer “Skills packages” supporting existing curriculums

  • We organise private workshops and birthday parties for those who wish to celebrate differently

  • We offer company team building activities

  • We invite everybody who needs a workbench to realise a project

  • We welcome advanced crafters as members in our ceramic and woodworking sections

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Woodworking, woodcrafting

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Coding and robotics

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Pottery, ceramics

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Candle making

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Lino cutting, printmaking, drawing, painting

names of co-crafters


Woodworking provides an opportunity to use our hands again and manipulate tools and material.

Working with wood as a warm and organic material is a grounding experience that empowers the learner with physical problem solving skills, creativity and independent use of a workshop environment.  In Knock On Wood you can take discovery sessions of different woodworking fields, then decide where you’d like to commit to longer courses and get gently guided into higher woodcrafting skills.

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KLAYIT is a ceramic studio designed to take you on an experiential journey through the world of ceramics where you get to experiment, design, and watch your raw creations come to life. It allows you to work with and explore clay through various workshops in the studio or even from the comfort of your home.

KLAYIT is accessible to beginners and amateurs of all ages. We aim to introduce pottery and develop your skills by offering a wide range of choices. We offer one-time discovery sessions, monthly packages, and memberships. KLAYIT is accessible to beginners and amateurs of all ages.

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Give your child the keys to the 21st century!

Whether in our class rooms, at home or remotely, discover our innovative activities to learn coding and robotics while having fun! From 5 to 14 years old.

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At Lanxel Candles & Workshops we offer candle making classes using 100% sustainable candle waxes such as EU sourced rapeseed and soy wax and all our incredible candle scents are created by our founder Lotte. Each scent tells a story about Lotte’s life in Switzerland.

Our candles and diffusers are paraffin-free with phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils. We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production, and accessible prices. In our factory shop you can also buy the full range of our “My Swiss Candle” collection.

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Candle making
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